Situations that never change despite the time passing

When we’re in a relationship with someone we love, no matter how many years go by, we still do the annoying little things we used to when we were young. Such as climbing on the trolley card while shopping, or watching a movie in the evening and one of you always falling asleep. Or when a blanket is never enough, but as the years go by, you try to share it.
At the beginning of a relationship, usually, one the two snores and they don’t let the other person sleep, though after a few years, both snore and sleep fine.
When you’re young you show your love differently. At first, you’d take someone on a nice dinner, and even have a song played for them, but as more years go by, then you show your love by appreciating whatever they cook for you.
Another relatable situation is when you watch your favorite series together, but as time goes by, you become more impatient, so you watch it in secret and then you pretend to re-watch it with your other half later.

1:59 - Declaration of love
2:52 - Eating together
4:22 - Watching a series
5:55 - Bloopers
6:20 - Boys vs girls
8:24 - Getting dressed
9:37 - Having the flu
12:02 - 1 month vs 1 year
13:55 - Who gets the last piece of food
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