Friends: Ross Has An Allergic Reaction to Kiwis (Season 2 Clip) | TBS

Monica makes a special Kiwi-Lime pie, forgetting that Ross is allergic to kiwis. Now they have to leave Joey and Chandler in charge of Ben while they go to the hospital.
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Friends: Ross Has An Allergic Reaction to Kiwis (Season 2 Clip) | TBS




  • How does a sister not know what her blood related brother who she lived for atleast 16 years does not know that her brother is allergic to Kiwi. I have to brothers I even know their damn fav games and Hangouts how the hell does a sister not know a critical medical condition of her own one and only brother?

    Chandrika DwivediChandrika DwivediПре 2 дана
  • I've always thought that Ross was a sniveling little b****.

    swinsofthe peaceswinsofthe peaceПре 2 дана
  • 0.42 that's what gonna kill me Ross's expression🤣

    huckleberry friendhuckleberry friendПре 3 дана
  • Ross:Abidithotho Athotho!!!!! Joey: Concider it done!!

    Bryan MerchantBryan MerchantПре 3 дана
  • I watched this as a kid. And only now, i understand the last joke 😂

    Bryan AligaBryan AligaПре 3 дана
  • Chandler slaying my existence with those clothes, damn.. he’s so handsome

    martina lo giaccomartina lo giaccoПре 4 дана
  • It would have been such good show if they took the wrong baby home! And then realize that until later when The baby grows up and look nothing like Ross and Emily then they all tried to go find the real baby that they lost and find out the baby wad adopted by Janice and her husband that would’ve been a good storyline for season 11 😭😍💗

    jennifer tranjennifer tranПре 4 дана
  • Supreme "Joy"😂😂😂

    Alborino Di muzioAlborino Di muzioПре 5 дана
  • Wuss

    Jamey Leanne CooperJamey Leanne CooperПре 5 дана
  • Harry is quaking

    Harry Styles's WifeHarry Styles's WifeПре 5 дана
  • Ross was such a sissy I'm surprised he wasn't gay

    Denny DenDenny DenПре 5 дана
  • I’m allergic to kiwi’s 🥝 most people avoid it but they should avoid it’s seeds

    faisal1979mfaisal1979mПре 6 дана
  • I guess that's out of the window 😂😂

    rockyrockyПре 8 дана
  • just love how he sits back down going for another bite, rather than getting a shot

    pipsqueek89pipsqueek89Пре 10 дана
  • Every line is iconic, that's how legendary Friends is!

  • Why is Monica cooking New Zealanders?

    Steven WebbSteven WebbПре 13 дана
  • How I characterize every character of friends and friends of friends Joey is dumb but sweet Chandler is funny and all around great going man Ross is lame and whiny Monica is obsessive and annoying Rachel is selfish and bitchy Phoebe is the kind, sarcastic who tells you the truth to your face whether you like it or not Paul Steven's is that mafia scary man you don't want to piss off Emily is amazing Kathy is beautiful and fun Richard is absolutely sickening and disgusting David is plain weird And Mike is the Ant Man

    kimmy cuthbertkimmy cuthbertПре 13 дана
    • I can definitely tell that you haven't seen the show fully , and you miss some characteristics of them . Ross is kinda whiny but he's also the Mr . Nice Guy . Monica is obsessive but she's the mother to all of them . Rachel is bitchy but sweet to her friends . Phoebe is kind and sarcastic , but also slightly mean . Paul Stevens is mafia type ? He's totally a cry baby !!!

      Sandavi RathnayakeSandavi RathnayakeПре 13 дана
  • This is treasure. They said theyre going to do reunion soon. But with covid-19 will we ever see it????

    JiHyunPeTziEJiHyunPeTziEПре 16 дана
  • I just love that series

    Saba AsgharSaba AsgharПре 19 дана
  • اشهد ان لااله الاالله وان محمدآ رسول الله 👉🏻💙

    Mona tafarMona tafarПре 21 дан
  • Eat monica food we have no immune system

    Jian LiJian LiПре 21 дан
  • Lol thwow thwow! 😂 I wanna see this episode now. Whyyyy did Netflix take it down?

    Mia SmithMia SmithПре 22 дана
  • what kind of sister she is if she doesn't know what he's allergic to

    Hadjer BenhriraHadjer BenhriraПре 22 дана
  • A few things don't make sense in this scene, 1st ross is allergic to peanuts a very common allergin foind in almost all food, so why does he not have an epipen? 2nd if he has had that allergy for a while then monika should know what he is able to eat. 3rd as a chef monika should know kiwis can trigger a peanut allergy. Which brings up the question, why would she give kiwi pie to someond she knows is allergic to peanuts?

    deadlock 89deadlock 89Пре 24 дана
  • How does Monica not know her brother is allergic to kiwi?

    M PaM PaПре 24 дана
  • You got to appreciate Joey's and Chandler's chemistry.

    Jeffrey RutkaJeffrey RutkaПре 24 дана
  • 😂

    Hanoo 1212Hanoo 1212Пре 25 дана
  • "Well I was looking forward to playing basketball but, I guess that's out the window."

    Steve WyrickSteve WyrickПре 26 дана
  • “That’s what’s gonna kill me” 🤣

    Mar - MarMar - MarПре 26 дана
  • Ross is allergic to lobster. He's allergic to Rachel. Like if you got that Edit: thanks for the likes

    Madeline E CurtisMadeline E CurtisПре 27 дана
  • What is Ross trying to say when he walks out the door and Joey says consider it done??

    Little E StudiosLittle E StudiosПре 29 дана
  • Soo... Big tongue = Beautiful wife Got it! 😂

    Leonie BLeonie BПре 29 дана
  • Damn , just LOOK at her waist

    Mac UnknownMac UnknownПре 29 дана
  • So not to be a boring person, but i noticed that Monica just said that Ross is allergic to a Lobster as well. But in one of the episodes Ross went out with Rachel and her father to a dinner and they had a lobster.

    ironbull2003ironbull2003Пре месец
    • Ross had a menu on that occasion ;

      C LC LПре 21 дан
  • Do anybody know what's Ross saying here <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="109">1:49</a>

    Fouzi BreakdownFouzi BreakdownПре месец
  • Allergic reactions seem so common amongst Americans meanwhile I am not allergic to anything and neither is anyone in my family.

    KoramKoramПре месец
  • I clicked on this clip because I am also allergic to kiwis, so I saw this as a recommendation on my phone and watched it.

    James AmickJames AmickПре месец
  • I agree pick your buddy over the women. Otherwise Chandler kick you out of the apartment.

    Jian LiJian LiПре месец
  • Big tongue = beautiful wife. Looks like people are going to the wrong gym and taking the wrong supplements 😂😂

    rajath 2137rajath 2137Пре месец
  • Understand oriental food has feelings. Everything out of Monica is cookies and sugar. Telling ross Americans to shut up and listen. Hard to do

    Jian LiJian LiПре месец
  • English is not my first languange, but i'm getting good at it. I saw this clip many times, but i just realized that when chandler said ' .... just out the windows!,..." It means figuratively and literally, I guess I should learn more. Credits to writers, eventhough I don't like how they treated/wrotes character Ross, but I'm not saying it's bad.

    Max EisenhardtMax EisenhardtПре месец
    • @Pavel Levski i meant that his academic background always been object of ridicules. He always dance in the string of Rachel's, directly or undirectly all srasons. He let go his 2nd marriaged for sake of his friens. Etc

      Max EisenhardtMax EisenhardtПре дан
    • ross gets funnier the more you watch him. not everyone's favourite character because he doesnt stand out but he makes the connection and helps others stand out. david schwimmer did a great job, very underrated

      Pavel LevskiPavel LevskiПре 2 дана
  • Palatha throw trow

    Frijolito ATOMICOFrijolito ATOMICOПре месец
  • "I have seven Catholic sisters, I've taken care of hundreds of kids." -Joey. That's priceless!

    Anna MarsAnna MarsПре месец
    • @Sal Ali no honey they just don't use contraceptives.

      Emma KruszkaEmma KruszkaПре 4 дана
    • Damn the father must be happy every morning and night 🤣🤣

      Sal AliSal AliПре 5 дана
    • @DisneyFanatic2364 Especially an Italian Catholic family. Ooh, boy. Lol.

      Anna MarsAnna MarsПре месец
    • Coming from a Catholic family...yeah, they tend to be big. And if those seven sisters had kids it would be closer to hundred.

      DisneyFanatic2364DisneyFanatic2364Пре месец
  • It's interesting how he continues to cut into his pie after it has been established that he is allergic to it. 🤔

    Rachel ElizabethRachel ElizabethПре месец
    • That's because he's afraid to get shot. So he just acting..

      polaris starpolaris starПре месец
  • I am allergic. To kiwi!

    Poppy HendersonPoppy HendersonПре месец
  • I’m allergic to kiwis 🥝

    Evelyn BoronEvelyn BoronПре месец
  • The writers were so clever

    Paul HatcherPaul HatcherПре месец
  • Monica is such a vindictive bully, it's no wonder Baby Ben's afraid of her.

    C.T. WarrenC.T. WarrenПре месец
  • Why did I get a feeling that i didn't see this but completed watching entire series

    gudivada prashanthgudivada prashanthПре месец
  • i am lost. how did monica realize that he is allergic (only now) to kiwi? i mean they are siblings

    Anthony YoungAnthony YoungПре месец
  • Omg Ross pick up sock 🧦 pick a sock

    Khadra AbeebKhadra AbeebПре месец
  • Didn’t know Ross was so racist, sorry New Zealand

    Leo SnowLeo SnowПре месец
  • “He’s just got to get a shot.” So he’s gonna die anyway?

    Rachel BerrymanRachel BerrymanПре месец
  • Rewatching the clips... Why couldn't one of the guys take Ross to the hospital and leave responsible Monica incharge of Ben?

    Nayab ImranNayab ImranПре месец
  • I really want to know what he said at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="111">1:51</a> what's a throw throw

    Francisco . UrendaFrancisco . UrendaПре месец
  • Great acting! How he is a acting being allergic

    True PTrue PПре месец
  • S2 E2 ?

    Y AY AПре месец
  • He won't like me then 😂🇳🇿

    Not TellingNot TellingПре месец
  • “Anyone up for thcwable? 😂😂😂

    reginaphalange95reginaphalange95Пре месец
  • Who's watching unlimited of frineds staying home cause of lockdown

    Can this channel get 1000 subs Without any video ?Can this channel get 1000 subs Without any video ?Пре месец
  • I wanted to play basketball but I guess THAT'S OUT OF THE WINDOW. That. Was. Beautiful.

    Madhura KulkarniMadhura KulkarniПре месец
  • "Ross is allergic to lobsters" . Well, not all of them.

    Sihad HusseinSihad HusseinПре месец
    • But he did called one of them the wrong name

      TheBandit025TheBandit025Пре 9 дана
    • Thankfully he's not allergic to the lobster with one of the most beautiful faces, nice tits and great personality, cause if he was, I don't know what I'd do with myself.

      Steve WyrickSteve WyrickПре 26 дана
  • What made David effective was that unlike Joey and Chandler, his character wasn’t supposed to be funny. Yet, he really gave justice to his role

    LR NLR NПре месец
  • I wish Friends was still on Netflix 🥺

    M VelezM VelezПре месец
  • Bitch owes them a new ball

    Big WillowBig WillowПре 2 месеца
  • lately, I’m soooo tired of the situation in the world because of the virus, from endless news, from anxiety and panic for my loved ones, that the ONLY thing that can really distract me, amuse and inspire me is my good old FRIENDS😔😢🙏🏻😁

    Blueberry OctoberBlueberry OctoberПре 2 месеца
  • Fruit ninja says if you're allergic to latex you're probably allergic to kiwis as well.

    TiffanyTiffanyПре 2 месеца
  • He's allergic to peanuts?

    Yashodhan ManerikarYashodhan ManerikarПре 2 месеца
  • When ever I need a date, everywhere I go I lick my eyebrows. Works every time, just make sure no gays are around.

    Rusty Nails.Rusty Nails.Пре 2 месеца
  • "Oh ya dont forget about that guy who thought my last name was so funny he decided to make a funny noise every time he said it. " "Nice to meet you Chandler Bing, BING! Nice apartment you have Chandler Bing, BING!

    Joshua PhillipsJoshua PhillipsПре 2 месеца
  • I like how it was the last 20 seconds they were actually rushing to get out of the apartment. Before that they were so calm.

    Jamie .FarrellJamie .FarrellПре 2 месеца
  • Wow didn’t get that joke at the end until right now at 23 😐

    Dayna P.R.Dayna P.R.Пре 2 месеца
  • Well, I was looking forward to to playing basketball.. but that’s out the window! Lmao the pun! 🤣

    TmanTmanПре 2 месеца
  • 7 catholic sisters but 100 kids 😂😂😂😂

    No NameNo NameПре 2 месеца
  • I wonder if David Schwimmer is actually allergic to Kiwi's, cause that sounds like someone having a legit allergic reaction.

    Steve WyrickSteve WyrickПре 2 месеца
    • I had a bad reaction to Maxalon where my tongue was poking out like a dog.....not pretty

      Elizabeth CusackElizabeth CusackПре месец
  • David is such a great actor!!!

    Anastasia El.Anastasia El.Пре 2 месеца
  • "I was looking forward to playing basketball but I guess that's out the window"😂😂😂

    Anastasia El.Anastasia El.Пре 2 месеца
  • I love ❤️ the way Ross says that’s what’s going to kill me like lol 😆

    fabiha aminfabiha aminПре 2 месеца
  • We need to give some credit to david

    Gordon RamsayGordon RamsayПре 2 месеца
  • "Either that or my mouth is getting smaller" 😂😂😂

    Manal KhaliqueManal KhaliqueПре 2 месеца